ITSdesign conforms to API-650 13th Edition and AWWA D100-11. We also have shell design per API 653
ITSdesign is available for WINDOWS7, WINDOWS8, and WINDOWS10 operating systems
We have Supported Cone Roofs without a Center Column for our carbon steel API 650 Field Erected tanks and AWWA D100 tanks. The design includes the design of the rafter for bending and axial loads, design of the center compression ring, and design of the the outer tension ring. The center ring can be a channel, a flat bar, or a channel shape made from plate. Rafters can be placed on the inside or the outside of the tank roof. We continue to add more options to ITSdesign. ITSdesign automatically checks for the latest update so you do not need to worry whether you have the latest version!
JUST ADDED - Shell designs per API-653! ITSdesign is a visually-oriented tank design program. Comprehensive and easy-to-use, it helps design AWWA D-100-11 water storage tanks and API-650, 12th Edition, Addendum 3 storage tanks, both in US and SI units. (Note: API-650, 13 Edition changes will be coming soon!) With ITSdesign, time-consumption and variables are reduced. You can also share information easily through individual data storage. Revised input screens, error checking and highlighting provides accurate designs faster, while automatic internet updates always insures your program is up-to-date. Multiuser version available. Try the demo! ITSdesign works with all versions of Windows including Windows10!
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ITSdesign Blog
We have a Blog where we discuss different aspects of the API-650 code. We provide clarifications to some of the questions we receive from our users and discuss changes in the codes. We will also keep you updated as to what is coming next in ITSdesign. To visit our blog, go to:
ITSdesign for API-650, 12th Edition is AVAILABLE for DOWNLOAD
API-650 12th Edition Addendum 2 and AWWA D-100-11 is included in ITSdesign! Both US and SI units
ITScap Now with ELLIPTICAL Tanks and available for DOWNLOAD